Mantraya Institute for Strategic Studies is an independent research forum that seeks to make constructive contributions to strategy, innovation, and alternatives.

It aims to:

  • Inform public debate through regular publications on subjects of national and international importance.
  • Produce cutting-edge research and provide alternatives by employing qualitative and quantitative methodology, primarily field-based studies.
  • Serve as a platform for exchanging ideas and strategies involving scholars, researchers, academia, media, and governmental and non-governmental personnel/institutions.
  • Provide advisory and consultancy services.
  • Outreach and partnerships with like-minded institutions/ individuals.

Mantraya’s research areas include:

  • Non-traditional security challenges in South Asia
  • Reconstruction, Governance, and Institution building in transitional societies
  • Public policy and international relations
  • State and Peacebuilding in post-conflict societies
  • Politics of Aid, Development, Gender, and Security in South Asia
  • Water, Climate change, Borders, Diaspora, Energy, Nuclear, and Cyber Security
  • Security Sector Reform and Civil-Military Relations
  • Insurgencies, Terrorism, and Strategies in Counterterrorism
  • Non-State Armed Groups, Illicit Networks, Organised Crime and Conflict Economy
  • Countering violent extremism (CVE), terrorism financing, and anti-money laundering
  • Women in CVE, Conflict Resolution, and Strengthening Civil Society
  • Rule of law, Political systems, Electoral and Constitutional Reform in South Asia
  • Strategic Communications and the Role of Media
  • Role of Dialogue, Negotiations, Reconciliation, Mediation, Confidence-building measures, and Track II initiatives
  • Conflict Prevention, Management, and Resolution
  • Great Power Politics, Global Governance, and Emerging Powers
  • Regional Cooperation in South Asia and South East Asia
  • India’s foreign, maritime, and security policy
  • Indo-Pacific: Zone of competition or cooperation

Mantraya is currently executing the following six projects.

1. Mapping Terror and Insurgent Networks

2. Islamic State in South Asia

3. Borderlands

4. Regional Economic Cooperation and Connectivity in South Asia

5. Women in Peace and Security

6. Organized Crime and Illicit Trafficking 

[Click on the links to access publications under each project.]