MISS welcomes unsolicited submissions for wide-ranging publications. A careful vetting and editing process per in-house styling guidelines precedes the eventual publication. Contributors can pick a topic of national and international importance based on the area/domain expertise to provide rare insights, future preparedness, and alternate pathways.  We provide a modest honorarium and reach the widest possible audience and stakeholders, both within India, South Asia, and globally.

Opinions: 700-1000 words

Briefs: 1000 to 1500 words

Insights: Above 1500 words, not exceeding 2500 words

Article /Brief/ Opinion Submissions: Style sheet and Guidelines 

The style for both the ‘Briefs’/ ‘Articles’ and the ‘Opinions’ can both be analytical as well as descriptive. While ‘Articles’ and ‘Briefs’ need to be on the theme relating to MISS’ research focus, submission as ‘Opinions’ could pertain to topical issues and in a narrative style.

  •  Submissions should be in English (United Kingdom).
  •  All submissions must be original and should not have been published in any other (print or internet) platform.
  •  While references (footnotes/endnotes) are generally not required, sources for critical data and figures cited in the articles should be provided. This makes fact-checking and the process of making a decision on publishing a particular submission faster.
  •  All publications will be under the actual names of the authors.
  •  Authors should provide their mugshot and a brief bio along with the submission.
  •  The authors can expect a decision on publication status within three days of submission. The Mantraya editorial team would work with the authors on making required amends to the published piece.
  •  All submissions should be sent to mantrayaoffice@gmail.com and bibhuroutray@gmail.com